Hello! Viewer you are welcome to the Ministry for Local Government and Lands Website; which is the Platform for effective Land Resource Management, Rural (Community) Development and Poverty Reduction. The Ministry Aims at providing the requisite information in this Website so as to ensure that viewers of this website can have all the information they need to know about.

You are therefore expected to view all Application Forms such as Land Allocation, Mortgage, Transfers/Assignments and Lease Application Forms Occupancy Certificate, Building Permits etc.  Also you will always be updated with information’s like; Government Reserved Lands Location, New Layouts for allocation etc.

All legal documents such as the state Lands Act; Physical Planning Act and any other Regulations which are all geared towards the efficient and effective Land Resource Management in the Gambia, and all other Land Administrative tools are hereby uploaded in this website.  Various Laws and Strategic Documents such as the Decentralization Policy, The Local Government Act 2002, Local Government Finance and Audit Act 2004, Financial Manual of Councils, Local Government Service Commission Regulation, Community Development Act, plus the Ministry’s Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015 which is now sub-summed in the PAGE document, is also available in the website for your ease of reference.

You will come know a lot more about your Municipalities, Local Governments, Districts and Villages (etc. the names of Governors, Chiefs and Alkali will be updated regularly) and the number of villages in each region.

Taken together, we are confident that with the Institutional Capacity Development and sustained by providing land use maps for the whole Country supported by a well structured and implemented development control policy and system, the Ministry for Local Government and Lands will be able to provide credible access to development Resources to both group and people in general and in effect facilitate Socio Economic Development for Poverty Reduction, in addition the Ministry of Local Government Administration System that will in turn deliver effective Local Development through Good Governance.


Thank you for visiting our Website!

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